About Me

Hi! I'm Areej, welcome to my blog!

I love to read, it's my biggest passion. I read all types of genres but my favorite is Young Adult fiction. I've started this blog to share my thoughts and opinions on books and get to 'meet' people and make friends in the book blogging community. 

I review books based on my opinions and thoughts on how I felt about it; they might not be perfect but I do the best I can. I love inspiring people to read, and if I inspire any one of you, it'd make my day! 

Beside's reading, I love to fence, I've been doing it since I was nine. I also love to bake, especially sweets. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, at the mall, movie theater, each other's houses and especially THE BOOKSTORE! Beside's reading books all the time, I love to watch movie's, especially when I'm with my friends or sister. Writing is also a major hobby of mine and one of my life's biggest goals is to publish my own book one day.

Still have questions? Email me here at: areej.khan522@hotmail.com
Thanks for stopping by!