Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unleashed by Kristopher Reisz

Released: Februray 19th 2008
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pages: 353
Rating: 3.5/5

Daniel Morning seems perfect -- handsome, charismatic, intelligent. But living up to everyone's expectations has cost him the right to make his own decisions. The urge to shatter those expectations is beginning to gnaw at his insides.
Then Daniel meets Misty. She's smoky, rebellious, tender...and much more. She decides to let him into her pack of outcasts -- and in on their little secret: She and her friends have learned to shapeshift, and have been prowling the night as wolves.
Daniel soon falls in love with the primal sensation of shifting, just as he's falling in love with Misty. The freedom to follow his most basic instincts is like nothing he's ever felt.

I really don't know what to say about this book, I think I've written this review five times! There isn't much I can say about this book, without giving to much away. This book was really good and really bad at the same time. It had me gasping and flipping pages rapidly sometimes and had me rolling my eyes at other times.  This book wasn't told from any one specific characters POV but was told by a "narrator", which is the author himself. 

It starts off with one of the main characters, Daniel. Daniel is basically the shooting star; he's handsome, he's smart and is one of the most popular guys in their school and is also dating the most popular girl: Angie, but behind this perfect boy hidden is a player, he played his way to get an acceptance at Cornell, while other people are happy for him he kind of does feel guilty. With his feelings unsettled about his future, he begins to notice a group of kids that are on the fringe of school society. The outcasts. Misty and her twin brother Marc are a mixed race in Birmingham AL, where the thoughts of civil rights movements are still fresh on peoples' minds. They are frequently referred to as "mutt" or "stray" by their peers and struggle their life through school.

Misty , Marc and their two besties Val and Eric discover a furnace where wild mushrooms are grown, they decide to eat the mushrooms hoping to be in for a wild ride but find out the after eating the mushrooms they shift into WOLVES! This animal instinct makes their human instinct stronger. Misty has learned to deal with the people who mess with her and so begins Daniels and her relationship. Daniel just wants a break from being perfect and always looking up to other peoples' expectations, so Misty invites him to join the pack. It seems amazing at first but then Daniel knows that such happiness comes with a price... 

Although this book was different it wasn't the best. I do recommended it but, you might want to check it out from the library before you buy it. Hope you all enjoyed the review!


  1. This book sounds quite interesting.
    Loved the review!

  2. OMG! More werewolf books! I'am a total fan of wolves! This books sounds so good!

  3. OMG, the girl has the same name as me!
    Ahaha, love the review!